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    Mashhad Toos manufacturing oxygen (oxygen and nitrogen as gas and liquid)
Mashhad Toos manufacturing carbon dioxide (CO2 fluid with dry ice)
Manufacturing industrial and medical gases Tous Sabzevar
Manufacturing industrial and medical gases Tous Qazvin

The complex consists of three manufacturing units Oxygen Company, LINDE, Germany, with a capacity of 500 cubic meters of gas and liquid, two-unit oxygen gas line with a capacity of 500 cubic meters, a production unit carbon dioxide purity of feed (99.99) and a capacity of 25,000 kg of liquid CO2 and N2O anesthesia is also a production unit.

Technical requirements for the transportation of liquid oxygen, argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide is.

in the country (especially with a focus on Khurasan), Hepco conglomerate, Arak Azarab Industries, Inc. is the industry foundation, diamond tool company, industrial complexes, including a massive shipbuilding province turbine building, etc., as well as exports of argon Due to the high purity of the neighboring countries.


industrial hub in the country and continue their readiness to start working with the esteemed collection is announced.

We hope that, like other contracting parties, their clients, respectable collection also provide complete satisfaction.